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Former Governor of MD- Bob Ehrlich with Rose Unplugged

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Gov Robert Ehrlich: The Republican Party Must Abandon RINOism and Build the Trump Base


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Mike Bradley with Former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich


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Your Voice, 

Your Future Town Hall

Fox45 WBFF


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Ehrlich On FOX: Criminal Justice and Safe Streets


Former MD Governor Bob Ehrlich says he's happy to see Project Exile getting a reinvestment, especially as violence in the city continues to spiral out of control.

 Direct Line w/Chesapeake Governors, Governor Allen and Governor Ehrlich

Reflection on 9/11 - 20 Years Later


Governor Bob Ehrlich Joins WGMD Radio to reflect on 9/11


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Governor Bob Ehrlich on "Two Mikes"

Governor Ehrlich joins the popular Rumble show "Two Mikes" to discuss why and how education is failing America's school children and taxpayers.

GOP State Convention: "Us, Them, Next"


Governor Ehrlich's speech to the Maryland State GOP on the current state of the Republican and Democratic parties and the promising future for the GOP. 

Governor Bob Ehrlich and Governor George Allen on "Direct Line"

Governor Ehrlich and Governor George Allen discuss their experiences as leaders of their respective states and opinions on current national issues.

Governor Ehrlich on "Square Off"

Governor Ehrlich catches up with Richard Sher regarding family and politics on this episode of "Square Off".